Dance Church 2/23/20

Hello fellow enthusiasts of love and action!

We’re writing to invite you to Dance Church!
Next Sunday is the New Moon, so hopefully this message meets you with respect & gratitude for all the blessings & learning of this cycle. We are excited to share in another round of Dance Church as a new cycle begins.
This is a safely held group container, welcome to all hearts who wish to join us as we feel our feels, embody our growth edges, let ourselves move & be moved.

☆ 7-10pm Sunday Feb 23rd ☆
3101 S 20th St – formerly known as Cross Lutheran Church.
Neighborhood parking abounds, though carpools encouraged.
~ We’ll gather at 7 for intention-setting and open the space together when everyone has landed.
~ Children welcome to join.
~ Feel free to bring light snacks/beverages to share! Hydration recommended 🙂
After last month’s Dance Church we have written up a few guidelines to help give everyone a clear and fulfilling dance experience.

Here are some Dance Church Guidelines:

💜 Give yourself permission to move from within, however that may be.

💜 Respect subtle and spoken cues for dancers wanting their own space.

💜 Do not press into another person’s dance space unless invited.
💜 Upstairs is for dancing, downstairs is for talking and eating.
Please share this invitation with your people, and know you are welcome as you are. We will be available for feedback, questions, or check-ins beforehand, so don’t hesitate to reach out!
Super pumped to see you soon! Looking forward to it so much.
Peace in Process,
Phlo & Rachel

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